Times Square Night Drive New York City "Alter Club Mix". A Night Drive After an Open Mike Performance in Down Town New York City

Times Square Night Drive
"Alter Club Mix"

A Night Drive After an Open Mike Performance in Down Town New York City

Written by Ruby Hayes
May 15th 2020

Original YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/YTQebZS1l-Y

     This video was shot at Times Square in New York City after performing at a Night Club Bar in downtown NYC. I had been going to an open mike in downtown New York City for about 2 and a half years or more. I would go on Monday nights with my brother. He recited his Love Scrolls Poetry and I would sing a couple of my original songs and a few covers.

     This experience was a blessing. I loved the regulars and enjoyed other creative artists' expressions on stage. Some more than others. I say my experiences at this open mike were exciting, challenging and I would say on some nights, let's say, was spiritual warfare. Let me explain...

     On some occasions before leaving for the open mike in NYC, I started getting "panic attacks". They were so extreme that I knew that they were not normal. I rarely get stage fright. In fact, I am very comfortable on stage expressing myself. These "panic attacks" were not normal at all.

     I fought hard through this battle and still managed to get up on that stage. I have to admit that with my brother's poetry of love and my songs about love, we made a big impact on the crowd in this club every Monday night. Even to the point of other artists being inspired by us and the material they wrote was changing. If they had raunchy, sexual content, they toned it down immensely. I honestly knew that God had my brother and me there to shine some light in this dark place. 

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