The Mark of the Beast is here.. Transhumanism Super Computer Brain

The Mark of the Beast is here. They are trying to implement it now through this Corona Vaccine with this chip in it. "The Chip" has everything to do with the Mark of the Beast. Jesus told me the "Mark of the Beast" is a mindset (Satan's Mindset). Jesus says to Trust in his Word. Which is TRUTH. And to be lead by his Holy Spirit. Jesus tells us to put on the mind of Christ. And that Jesus Marks his children in their foreheads. Well Satan Marks his in their foreheads. And Satan's people will be lead by Satan, who is the Anti-Christ spirit. And his Children will believe in all of Satan's LIES. They will have the mind of Satan. This is the Strong Delusion. Romans 8:6
“For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” Mind control through Technology. Remember Satan is a counterfeiter. Jesus told me that he is building his Church and Satan is building his church. Jesus has his body and Satan will have his body. Jesus will have a bride and Satan will have his bride. Research this Chip. It is connected to an underground Government computer. When they turn this computer on.....they will control your thoughts, your will. your actions and your life. The Chip hooks people up to the mind of Satan. Research it. This underground secret Supercomputer the government has is possessed by Satan himself.

Let's say this is Satans Tech-Body (if that's a word) ( That's why there is a push on Transhumanism- Mesh humans with machines- These humans can't be saved or worship God. These are not created in God's likeness, they are something other or else, not in God's image but in Satan's image) Satan talks to them through this computer and tells them some crazy evil ideas and they act these ideas out. I believe that Satan inhabits this supercomputer. I may sound crazy to you right now. But you look it up for yourselves. Also, there was a lab tech who said that they are trying to hook up all the minds of people to make like a beehive global master brain. They can send signals and thoughts and people believe it's their own thoughts. They say they can even make people believe that they are hearing God speak to them. Satan will have a field day being these people's god. And I believe Satan wants to tap into this source (Computer and Chip link-up) and control it. Satan is not like God where he can be everywhere at once, but with this Supercomputer with millions of people's minds hooked up to it, in a way Satan can be a counterfeit god. It sounds crazy but it makes sense.

The computer was originally invented after examining the human brain. The computer works like the human brain, storing and pulling up information. They found a way to hook up human brains to a computer and control them. This is about mastermind mind control. They will force many to take it or many will run to take it because of the threat that they will not be able to buy or sell. This chip will be hooked up to a digital currency. And Satan will direct people's minds to be dead set against Jesus and even make those hooked in attack any and everything that is of God. There is so much more to this, maybe I'll gather all the info and put it together in video format to explain so people can understand truly why they keep handing us all these tech devices to play with. The info gathering the face, voice, retina scan, fingerprint data, etc...they are building a Super Tech Mind Human...that Satan can inhabit. Who knows if all this tech will be implanted in one man the Anti-Christ. I don't know much more then what I just told you and from what I read in the Bible. But I can say this much...all this tech, and a chip in the Corona Vaccine and mind control stuff going on, keeps leading me back to the book of Revelation in the Bible. I truly believe that God is revealing something here that is very spiritually prophetic. I will continue to pray about it.

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