The Lord Jesus has lead me to pray for many Celebrities over the years. Angelina Jolie Needs Prayer...

The Lord Jesus has lead me to pray for many Celebrities over the years Angelina Jolie Needs Prayer.

The Lord Jesus has lead me to pray for many Celebrities over the years and many not famous in the world's eyes. I have prayed for Justin Bieber also. His mother asked us to pray for her son. I am in a Christian group who pray for Celebrities and Justin's mom reached out to us. She was concerned that Justin was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I am sure these people were controlling and "handling" him to try to lead him away from his Christian upbringing. The world only sees the HYPE! I had a dream and I saw Angelina Jolie in a pit of hot lava. She was grabbing at its edge struggling and trying to climb out and kept falling back under the lava and back up again choking and spitting lava out her mouth. This was around the time she stole another woman's husband away and I was being critical of her. I know, I was being un-Christian and un-loving. Jesus told me to stop being critical and pray for Angelina Jolie. She is still a sinner who needs to be saved.

Jesus helped me to re-focus. I repented and started praying for Angelina. I am still in continual prayer for her. No one sees the praying moms in the background and us intercessors. We don't need to be seen. We pray in secret. Unless the Lord leads us to speak a public message or prayer to reach someone. One main thing that stood out to me that if God saves that celebrity, their conversion can save millions of their fans. No not all, I am sure that they will have many fans un-fan them, but their salvation testimony and the change in their walk can witness to many. What Jesus told me for years is "The ones Satan THINKS he has he DOESN'T." Help me pray for Will Smith. I saw him in my spirit crying and waving a white flag and saying, "I give up!" .This man is tired of fighting God and ripe for witnessing to.

Please pray in agreement for his salvation and let's trust God and watch what the Lord can do with this man's life. Also pray for his children and his wife Jada. The Lord can save whole families too!

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