Amazing Music Testimony How Jesus Used Me to Minister to a Man in a Club Who was planning Mass Murder

Amazing Music Testimony How Jesus Used Me to Minister to a Man in a Club Who was planning Mass Murder

I know that God speaks to me in dreams, through his word, and in an audible voice.

I remember some years back when I was going to an open mike in New York City and Jesus told me to sing my song "Love is Standing by my Side". I told Jesus that I didn't want to sing that song, I sing that song a lot, I want to sing something different tonight.

Anyway Jesus won. I sang "Love is Standing by my Side" and afterward a gentleman came up to me and told me he liked what I did up there. Then he broke down and told me his friend and his friend's son were murdered about 2 weeks earlier by a group of men. He started crying and confessing the struggle his heart was going through. He said since his friend's murder he was planning on buying a gun and hunting these men down to kill them. I ended up ministering the love of God to this man and asked if I can pray for him. He said yes! I ended up praying for this man in a nightclub bar in downtown New York City! That's the heart of Jesus!

The Lord speaks, he tells us where to go and who to minister to. Even the fact that I was at this club was God. He gave me the dream of a night club. I saw this club from the outside and I also saw that the sidewalk and the street were full of raw sewage and smoke was coming out of this club. Jesus told me to go there to sing. Jesus pressed it on my heart. For years I was on this club's mailing list and they kept sending me open mic emails with an invitation to come and perform. I ignored these emails, I was just not interested, I was looking for much larger events to perform at and here Jesus is telling me to scale down and go where he wants me to go.

Truth, some of the places Jesus asks us to go may not be so glamorous or fun for our flesh, but if we can just have the heart of God and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and just be obedient to his leading. Jesus comes to seek and to save the lost and he knows just where to find them. Yes. God speaks today! Question is, are we sensitive to his voice and the leading of His Holy Spirit?

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